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| Anna's Yoga practice began during a teenage obsession with 60s counterculture, then accompanied her on her travels throughout Europe and the Middle East. She finally became a Yoga teacher when she realized she was already trying to teach and practice Yoga through everything she did. Anna believes that practicing asana and pranayama allows us to "become" our bodies on musculoskeletal, cellular and spiritual levels -- and that this process liberates the Self within. Anna endeavors to help her students cultivate this inner freedom through awareness of their own mind-body-self connection. In her own practice and in her classes, Anna plays with movement beyond classical asana to help her students experience their bodies in new, transformational, and sometimes comical ways. Anna's classes blend Iyengar and Vinyasa traditions, reflecting her training at YogaWorks. She studies with Chrissy Carter, Susan Orem, Paula Lynch, and Tzahi Moskovitz. In her life beyond the studio, Anna teaches Arabic and French at Friends Seminary and leads student trips to the Middle East.


| April began her yoga practice in 2008 as a preparation for surf camp in Costa Rica, but fell in love with yoga and only fell in-like with surfing. She was drawn to the tenets of Jivamukti Yoga – the emphasis on ahiṃsā (non-harming) and śāstra (scripture). Her yoga practice sustained her through her corporate career. Handstands in hotel rooms helped alleviate the demands of an intense travel/work schedule. After 7 years as a campus recruiter for the financial industry, April attended NYU and earned an MA in School Counseling. While interning at a high school, April taught yoga to kids which inspired her vision to combine yoga and counseling as a holistic program for low-income youth. In addition to being a Jivamukti trained yoga teacher, April is also a vegan chef, and founder of Cookie Devi, a vegan and gluten-free cookie company.


| Ava teaches vinyasa flow yoga posture, breathing techniques, and meditation. Ava completed her 200-hour teaching certification at Sonic Yoga in Manhattan, and she is currently studying pre-natal yoga. Ava is inspired by the cyclical, wave-like nature of vinyasa yoga and it’s healing abilities that have helped her to grow and evolve over the years. Ava strives to give this inspiration and connection to her students through her teaching.


| Christine started her yoga practice in earnest while working as an arts educator for New York City schools. Yoga became a natural extension of her interests in understanding energy as it relates to the mind and body and connecting to the world around us. She believes yoga is a powerful and transformative way of life that fosters love and empathy. Christine bows in deep gratitude to her teachers that have helped show her the light inside all of us, especially Myk Freedman, Nami Soga, Angela Hubbs, and Joschi Schwarz, as well as her fellow peers in the BYC community.


| For Danielle, cultivating a deep yoga practice was a natural extension of her lifelong study of dance and was the perfect way to integrate movement and the mind. Danielle completed her BA in dance and psychology at Hunter College and shortly thereafter received her yoga certification from Laughing Lotus. After practicing for almost a decade and teaching for five years, she was inspired to pursue her Master’s in Social Work at Hunter College. Danielle utilizes her yoga and meditation practices in therapeutic settings to serve and empower communities throughout New York City. Her classes emphasize alignment of the body with a moveable flow while maintaining connection to the breath. She incorporates all elements of the practice -- physical, mental, and spiritual -- in order to create a strong foundation for her students.


| Deidra stumbeled upon Yoga while studying Theatre at DePaul University 8 years ago, and she hasn't left her mat since. She completed her 200-hr Teacher Training at Greenhouse Holistic in Brooklyn, NY. As an artist, Deidra has explored movement and breath as natural ways of expression, where creativity and play open our mind, our heart, and our body. Her continuing study of Hatha Yoga and her work in the arts help to shape the creative flow in her classes, which incorporate pranayama, philosophy, and dance. Deidra is grateful for her many mentors -- such as Leigh Evans, Summer Quashie, Jyll Hubbard-Salk, Steve Prestianni, and Corey Henderson -- who have inspired her journey as a student and a teacher. "For me Yoga is a purely healing and spiritually awakening practice" -Deidra Rene

Emily B.

| Emily has been teaching yoga to adults, kids, and teens since 2008. She is certified at the 500-hour level by Atmananda Yoga and also holds a degree in Dance from Oberlin College. In addition to Brooklyn Yoga Collective and her continuing work with private clients all over NYC (including the employees of Etsy.com), Emily also teaches at NYU, the High School of Economics and Finance, Kula Yoga, Shambhala Yoga & Dance Center. Emily is grateful to all her yoga teachers for showing her that the love, light, honesty, bravery, and empathy within us is limitless and can be harvested through a dedicated and patient yoga practice. Emily thanks her students for allowing her the honor to teach. She is committed to helping yoga-lovers realize their own greatest potential, thereby unlocking within them the freedom, grace, confidence, and strength to forge their own exciting path to success.

Emily D.

| Emily has been practicing yoga for the past 8 years. Her interest in Hatha yoga grew out of her study of the Ayurvedic healing system. She drew inspiration from the deep connection between the physical and the emotional. Emily received her teacher training certificate from the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center after years of study at their London center. She specializes in Prenatal and Mommy-and-Me Yoga, leading teacher training programs and workshops. In addition to her work at Brooklyn Yoga Collective, Emily teaches yoga to children in NYC public schools, and helps run yoga-based events for disadvantaged families. She advocates for proper nutrition, exercise, and meditation for both children and adults. She is inspired every day by the profound effect that yoga has had in the communities where she works. In addition to teaching yoga, Emily is a trained actor and has worked internationally in film and theater. She lives in Crown Heights with her partner Matthew and son Noah.


| Kayla grew up in Wisconsin and trained as a classical ballet dancer at the Milwaukee Ballet School. She attended Butler University and graduated with a BA in Dance Pedagogy. She discovered Yoga in college as an excellent way to manage stress. After graduation she moved to New York City to pursue a dance performance career and continued to practice Yoga in the city. Kayla received her 200 hour Vinyasa Certification at Yoga People in Brooklyn Heights. After learning to teach dance, her passion and creative outlet, it was only natural that she would enjoy learning to teach Yoga, her other passion and spiritual outlet. Kayla is extremely grateful for her amazing teachers Donnalynn Civello, Julia Haramis, and Katelin Sisson.


| Kimberly discovered yoga as a teenager. She has stayed with the practice for over 20 years, finding it helps her to relieve stress, cultivate self awareness, and release stuck patterns that no longer serve. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Alison West at Yoga Union. In addition, Kimberly has studied embodied anatomy and kinesiology with Amy Matthews at the Breathing Project, since 2010. Kimberly also holds several children’s yoga teacher certifications and has taught yoga in New York City public schools with the non-for-profit organization Bent On Learning. In her life off of the matt, Kimberly is a visual artist and graphic designer.


| Lisa came to yoga through dance. Receiving a BFA is dance in southern California, it is a shock that she did not stumble upon a yoga class until after college. In that first class, however, the physicality of yoga transcended and a deeper connection from within became apparent. With an overwhelming sense of joy and compassion, she continued the search for that internal connection and received her 200-hr. certification from Mark Stephens in Santa Cruz overlooking the righteous ocean waves. As a trained dancer, her classes focus on correct alignment and body placement, and often include fun, creative flows with rockin’ tunes. There have been many amazing teachers through the journey thus far, but the voice within continues to be the most challenging and rewarding teacher of them all.


| Seeking inspiration and a higher level of consciousness, Martine cast aside her acting career to share her passion for yoga. She discovered yoga in college and since then has sampled various styles such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and ISHTA. It wasn't until she stepped into Sri Dharma Mittra's class that she felt a connection and then chose to complete her certification there. Martine's classes consist of breathing exercises, endurance building asanas, guided relaxation, and meditation; as she is also a Transcendental Meditation (TM) practitioner As a teacher (and always a student), Martine's intention in her classes is to create a safe and supported space where everyone can experience patience, a deeper level of awareness, and ultimate freedom within.


| Natalie enjoys a mix of attention to detail and light-hearted playfulness. Her classes encourage meditation in motion, paying particular attention to alignment and breath. Certified in Hatha/Vinyasa, prenatal and baby and me yoga, she enjoys working her Thai Yoga Massage training into the mix as well. When not devoting time on a sticky mat, Natalie can usually be found in a state of perpetual wanderlust, planning her next adventure to somewhere new. Having recently become a mother, she is inspired everyday by how precious our bodies are and the miracles they can perform.


| Pashupa means "protector of the animals" in Sanskrit, the ancient language of yoga. Seeing his own life and many lives around him transformed by the practices of yoga, he feels compelled to share these benefits. His classes are playful and accessible to all, filled with uplifting music, chanting, vinyasa sequencing, meditation, and insightful dharma talks. He is a certified teacher of Jivamukti Yoga, a lineage that offers a path to self-realization through compassion towards all beings. He hopes to ignite the passion in every student that will create an engagement with the world, so that we may all help one another awaken to the possibility of a conscious evolution of the human potential.

Tina G.

| After performing professionally as a modern dancer for over 20 years, and exploring many movement styles and modalities, Tina became curious about yoga and came to this practice with a physical focus. What unfurled for her over the past 13 years has proved to be so much more, enriching her life way beyond the physical and having a profound effect on her mental health, her relationships, and her over-all well being. Tina began her training with Cyndi Lee at OM Yoga and has studied with Dana Flynn and Jasmine Tarkeshi at Laughing Lotus, as well as with many others. She received her certification to teach yoga from Lily Cushman Frindel and Jeremy Frindel at Brooklyn Yoga School and her certification to teach prenatal yoga from Beth Coban and Lara Thompson Kohn at Integral Yoga. Tina's motivation for teaching is to enrich others' lives with the power, mystery, and beauty of yoga; offering tools for health, self-awareness, and spirituality to whomever may be searching.


| Michael is a big believer in the power and benefits of yoga; he appreciates the opportunity to quiet his mind and find a true state of presence through the practice. Dedicating much of his attention to trying to understand the human connection, he believes yoga is a very valuable tool in helping people connect with themselves and with each other. Michael is not an instructor, he is a driving force behind the scenes at BYC.

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Classes are offered at a sliding scale of $7-15.

What is a sliding scale?

The price varies according to the ability of the individual to pay. Students determine for themselves what price within the $7-15 they are able to pay each time they attend class based on their income level and financial situation. The expectation is that those who are more comfortable financially will choose to pay at the higher end while students with less financial flexibility would pay a more affordable price toward the lower end of the scale.

Where Does the Money Go?

The money goes to pay the teachers as well as cover the costs of maintaining and running the studio. 100% of the studio's income comes from its students.

Why Sliding Scale?

Many students cannot afford to regularly attend classes at the standard rates. Since it is our mission to make yoga classes accessible to the community, we are offering classes that will be affordable to a wider spectrum of people. We think that being fair doesn't necessarily mean everyone pays the same, but it does mean that everyone has the opportunity to study here.

At the same time, in order for the studio to remain open, we must take in enough money to sustain our staff of teachers while covering the costs of running a studio. Sliding scale allows students to pay what they are able to afford within the sliding scale range on any given day, while taking into account the realities that a studio cannot offer classes for free.

About BYC

The Brooklyn Yoga Collective is a diverse group of yoga practitioners and educators with unique backgrounds and stylistic approaches to yoga. Our collective focus includes classical Hatha, Iyengar, Jivamukti, & Vinyasa flow traditions. While the classes and teaching styles may vary considerably, BYC is tied together by our dedication to sharing the teachings and benefits of yoga in a way that is accessible to everyone. We encourage students to explore all of our classes to find which ones work best for them. All levels & bodies are welcome. Sliding scale pricing, $7-$15 per class.

BYC values community, both on and off the mat. BYC is part of LaunchPad, a Brooklyn based non-profit organization focused on community building and the arts, and BYC has an active hand in helping shape our local neighborhood. Our support of community is also focused inward -- to help foster a cohesive relationship between our studio instructors and our studio business, BYC employs a collective payment model. BYC allocates a large percentage of our studio revenue toward our instructors' pay, and each instructor is paid an equal amount per class, based on the shared revenue system. In most other yoga studio, instructors are compensated based on class size/popularity. In some yoga studios, instructors are paid a flat rate per class. In comparison, we believe the BYC model serves to:

- eliminate competition amongst instructors who might otherwise vie for student attention and/or the most desirable class times
- encourages instructors to teach classes based on the value to the students, even if those classes are not "popular" or do not have high monetary earning potential (i.e. specialized classes)
- maintains a fair relationship between the success of the studio as a business and the reward to the instructors as workers; as the studio business grows, so too does instructor compensation
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